A Tron Community based mostly gaming platform that allows you to play, mine, and earn dividends

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HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2019/888 The Tron platform was launched in the Tron network in December 2018. It promises to revolutionize the gaming industry with a new concept of the revenue sharing model. 888 Tron offers its first-time users a unique opportunity not only to play and win games, but also to become a co-owner of a very profitable company. The platform is public and seeks to change the traditional approach to managing companies in the gambling sector. By using the 888 Tron platform, users can essentially own 888 Tron tokens and thus own the platform.

Tokens can only be obtained by those who play games through the platform. The platform’s profits are earmarked for an even and transparent distribution among the token holders through a smart contract. Dividends are paid in TRX cryptocurrency, a popular cryptocurrency that is traded on most cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fair platform

The games in the 888 Tron project will be anchored on well-designed math models and high odds. The Dice 52 game offers players a unique 96.15% chance of winning. In addition, the games will be very unique and token holders can count on stable and predictable income.

The first users of the 888 Tron project play games and receive the platform’s tokens anonymously. The platform will enable fair play, a level playing field for receiving tokens, and a fair and transparent mechanism for distributing dividends.

Mining process

The range of tokens on the 888 Tron platforms is limited to 100,000,000 tokens. Tokens on the platform can be mined through betting. The process of mining is divided into tiers, with each tier being limited in time and only lasting 48 hours. In each level, players can mine an unlimited number of tokens. In order to mine an 888 token, the minimum starting bet is limited to TRX 700. After each level has been exceeded, the minimum bet to mine an 888 token increases by TRX 10.

If a player uses TRX 700 for the first level to earn an 888 token, for the nest level of mining, the player needs TRX 710 for an 888 token. For the third tier, it is increased by 10 TRX 720 for one 888 token and the trend continues.

Dividend payment

Players on the platform will receive a dividend every 48 hours after completing each mining level on the platform. The dividends are paid out in TRX cryptocurrency to all 888 token holders who have their tokens frozen on smart contracts before the end of the current mining level, proportional to the number of mined and frozen tokens.

Once the mining process is complete, the dividends will be paid out automatically once a week. Let’s say you have 1% of the total volume of the platform’s tokens. For example, suppose the platform’s revenue for the reporting period was TRX 30,000,000. You therefore get 30,000,000 TRX * 0.01 = 300,000 TRX.

In the first mining stage, 12 million TRX dividends can be earned. There are currently 10 million TRX with each day bringing in 1 million TRX dividends, which ultimately translates into 12 million TRX.

During the mining process, each token mined brings the team, partners and reserve fund a reward equal to 0.5384615 of the token. After the mining is complete, the tokens of all platforms will be distributed as follows: players mine tokens-65%, team tokens-20%, advertising -10% and technical-5%.


As soon as 30% of the tokens have been mined, 888 tokens will be listed on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and on exchanges that specialize in security tokens. The listing process is subject to an agreement between the token holders in order to prevent a loss of value of the token.

888 Tron includes cryptocurrencies and token mining. Players who participate in token mining and gaming on the platform should follow their local laws and regulations to avoid violations. Further information is available in the whitepaper or in the telegram group.

SOURCE: 888 Tron

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