A wonderful value hike suggests an early arrival of the rally

The cryptocurrencies are discovered under the bullish influence. It is speculated that the coins will keep the upswing intact for some time. Traders should soon recover from the recent crash. The XLM coin has experienced a strong upswing since yesterday.

Stellar Lumens’ price move was premature from the start. The recent rebound has provided the currency with another golden opportunity to double its pace. The short-term traders are likely to make a colossal profit.

Stellar price analysis

TradingView’s XLM / USD chart

Stellar started trading at $ 0.03739 yesterday, and from the start it reflected the strong rally. The first hours of the day reflected stagnant movement, but the improvement was further amplified, reaching $ 0.03948. With a slight dip, the XLM price escalated to $ 0.0424 from a massive 11.20% increase at 18:27 UTC. There were moderate swings in the hours that followed, bringing the price to $ 0.0395. Over the next two hours, the price rebounded to $ 0.0427 but was unable to hold, falling to $ 0.0410. The day ended at $ 0.0417, rising 11.81% for the day.

Today the stellar currency started the day rising to $ 0.0420. It later fell 4.42% to $ 0.0402. The coin’s upward movement began at 04:06 UTC and the price touched $ 0.0417. According to the MACD indicator, the histogram is at the zero level, but it has not become bearish.

Currently, the XLM coin is trading at $ 0.0417. The currency appears to be sloping towards the immediate resistance at $ 0.0439. However, if the trend reverses, Stellar may trade to the immediate support level of $ 0.0375.

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