Austria collects: Bitcoin (BTC) finds its technique within the money register

From summer you can pay in Austria with Bitcoin, Dash and various crypto currencies. This is made possible by the cost service provider Salamantex.

Salamantex enables costs with Bitcoin, Dash and various crypto currencies in Austria. As the company presented in a press release available from BTC-ECHO, the company enables Bitcoin costs at more than 2,500 acceptance factors – provided retailers enable the selection.

Crypto adjustment forward

This enables retailers to easily accept Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies as an alternative to cash or bank card money. For the sellers themselves, however, small adjustments besides mixing – they get the amount within the kind of euro. This protects them from fluctuations in value that occur repeatedly with Bitcoin and Co. Merchants who have to introduce acceptance should order the cost technology from A1 Payment. These should then be activated within a week, the retailers will then be equipped with cryptocompatible terminals, as the message continues.

Salamantex sees the current state of affairs in the corona disaster as a very good time to put cashless money under pressure. Austria is historically a country man with an excessive affinity for money; However, the past few months have seen a rethink after authorities and retailers urged individuals to forego most of their money – an opportunity for Bitcoin.

Our goal is to make paying with digital currencies as simple and pure as we have been used to with a bank card for many years. With A1 we have a companion for the Austria-wide rollout who, like us, is satisfied with this cost system in the long term and provides most people with costs for digital objects. The adoption of cryptocurrencies is opening up new, abundant buying teams for retailers to use as pioneers in their trading.

Markus Pejacsevich, COO Salamantex.

Salamantex also plans to develop the mixture of Bitcoin, Dash and Co. on cost processes. Through partnerships with A1 and Ingenico, the development of cost decisions can also be conceivable at neighboring international locations. A few months ago Ingenico offered the primary cash register terminal with integrated Bitcoin option from Salamantex in the Europ Shop – BTC-ECHO reported.

Bitcoin in Austria

Just last week we reported on the brand new crypto stamps from Austrian Post. By combining blockchain know-how and postage stamps, Swiss Post is breaking new ground in the Alpine republic, which can ultimately also benefit from the crypto adaptation. You can also buy Bitcoin at selected machines in post offices in Austria. More on this at this level.

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