Bitcoin, Polkadot & Binance – Asian Wrap Sep 14

Bitcoin Coin Price Prediction: BTC Turns $ 10,400 Into Support. How close is $ 11,500?

Bitcoin bulls overcame stubborn resistance at $ 10,400 and even made gains above $ 10,500. The momentum came within a whisker of the congestion zone of $ 10,600 for sellers, but price fell amid mounting bearish pressure. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $ 10,540 after comfortably holding above $ 10,500.

Polkadot Technical Analysis: DOT surges above $ 5, overturning Chainlink by 5th place

Polkadot has moved into the top 5 after being ousted by Chainlink. Data from CoinMarketCap shows DOT with a market cap of $ 4.56 billion. Polkadot’s entry into the top 5 isn’t a closed deal considering Chainlink follows with a market cap of $ 4.51 billion. The question is, can DOT bulls keep the uptrend going?

Price forecast for binary coins: BNB sell signal flashes when 18 USD beckons

Binance Coin appears to be prematurely abandoning its mission to hit new annual highs, as was extensively researched earlier this week. However, the trading over the past 24 hours has been impressive, with profits in excess of 10%. However, with a resistance of USD 27, the token has started a downtrend again.

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