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In the never-ending battle between Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), one of the most important points is which consensus mechanism is the best: proof of work (PoW) or proof of deployment (PoS). This particular battle arose in the wake of the proposed transition from Ethereum to PoS and has received new impetus in light of recent efforts to speed up the move.

While the developers of Ethereum have decided that PoS is the best way forward for Ethereum, the question remains whether it could benefit Bitcoin, which has different goals as a store of value.

Opinions on this are very divided within the broader crypto community. Some believe that the proof of work for Bitcoin is ideal for achieving greater stability and security. On the flip side, others argue that evidence of deployment provides a similar level of security while offering more simplicity and scalability, not to mention a lower environmental impact.

When Ethereum switches from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake mining, the anti-bitcoin system is set to “green” …

– Pierre Rochard (@pierre_rochard)

Different purposes

For some staunch bitcoiners, the PoW versus PoS debate isn’t even worth attacking. A BTC developer told that he was not the right person to comment for the purposes of this article, adding, “I don’t use shitcoins.”

Less supportive commentators, however, are willing to acknowledge that proof-of-work and proof-of-stake have their own strengths and weaknesses, although many add that PoW is generally better than PoS for Bitcoin.

“While PoW is certainly a more proven model for securing and minting new currencies on blockchains like Bitcoin, it requires enormous amounts of energy that some would even consider as a function. PoS, on the other hand, isn’t “as energy-intensive and better for scaling blockchains,” said Mike Colyer, CEO of the financial firm of the Crypto Mining Foundry.

On the other hand, Colyer added that PoS “is theoretically more prone to centralization and has the inherent security problem of using the native tokens of a blockchain to decide the future of those tokens or the blockchain”.

Even the folks on the Ethereum side of the debate acknowledge that the evidence of the work has its strengths and has undoubtedly given the crypto industry a solid foundation.

“One of the biggest advantages of the Proof of Work is that it has served as a cryptographic security chassis for more than 10 years and is now worth a trillion dollars. It is technically and economically complex and plays a role in attracting specialized mining companies to do network maintenance, ”said Lex Sokolin, global co-director of fintech at Ethereum. ConsenSys blockchain company.

With this diplomacy aside, Sokolin also claims that PoS has several advantages while also offering many of the most important properties of PoW.

“Evidence of commitment is an easier to understand system that enables easier participation through equity stake. It’s also capable of similar security results without the power consumption of the proof-of-work mechanism, and it’s been shown to work on a number of smaller but more functional crypto networks, ”he told

Sokolin went on to explain that PoS is ideal for a network like Ethereum that is supposed to provide the digital infrastructure for a future decentralized / crypto-based financial system.

“The blockchain-based economy we see now goes way beyond moving a type of value in a single log. Rather, we are seeing software run by a global network through payments, lending, banking, investing and insurance agents, ”he said.

According to Sokolin, this is the main reason Ethereum needs PoS.

“As decentralized applications become more complex, efficient and important to people’s lives, the underlying network also requires more modern architecture,” he added.

PoW + Bitcoin = A Match Made in Heaven?

Even assuming that proof of stake in equilibrium might be superior to proof of work, it does not necessarily mean that Bitcoin needs or would benefit from a transition to PoS.

“For Bitcoin, which is supposed to be a long-term and reliable store of value, PoW offers a unique model in which miners are incentivized to compete with one another to secure the network. As a result, miners are putting an irrevocable stake in Bitcoin by building specialized mining infrastructure and constantly buying energy, ”said Mike Colyer.

He added that personally he “doesn’t think there can be a better model for Bitcoin” than proof of work, an opinion shared by other members of the industry.

“These two raw materials once [energía y capital / hardware especializado] They are staked out, there is no way to pick up that energy or use the mining machines for anything else. This is in stark contrast to PoS networks, where participation itself is the network’s currency. As a result, if the value of the underlying currency falls, it can be devalued, ”said Nishant Sharma, founder of BlocksBridge Crypto Mining consulting firm. .

It’s also likely that, despite its reported high power consumption, Bitcoin is unlikely to be exiting PoW.

“Bitcoin miners have financial incentives to mine in regions with the cheapest electricity. Typically, these are regions with excess power generating capacity or abundant renewable energy, ”Colyer said, adding that Bitcoin could have“ almost no environmental impact ”without exiting PoW.

As previously reported, major Norwegian industrial investment firm Aker ASA is aiming to build mining operations that will transfer stranded or intermittent electricity with no stable local demand – wind, solar, hydropower – to economic assets that can be used anywhere.

In both cases, Lex Sokolin said that Bitcoin is currently too pegged to PoW to be terminated, especially given its priority, security over high scalability.

“Oil and gas continue to drive much of the world’s electricity consumption, including the human and mechanical workings of the traditional financial industry. It’s hard to imagine the Bitcoin community choosing to change something this fundamental on their network as evidence of their work, and I think this is mainly due to the very conception of what Bitcoin should do, which is to be digital money which is very difficult. break it up, ”he said.


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