Cardano & Scantrust begin their first provide chain & ACS

Cardano tweeted its announcement regarding the release of its unique supply chain traceability and (ACS) anti-counterfeiting solution in partnership with Scantrust. The Cardano Scantrust tool gives brand owners full access to the traceability and focused data operation of Scantrust’s QR codes in the Cardano ecosystem to ensure supply chain traceability and live fake cases.

The Cardano Foundation aims to address trust issues that arise when there is no transparency in the supply chain. For this reason, Cardano has developed a solution together with Scantrust to prevent counterfeiting and to make the customer’s supply chain more transparent. Scantrust has developed and patented a proprietary process to integrate secure QR codes into physical products. The secured QR codes include a secure graphic that gives these standard QR codes the anti-counterfeit property. In addition, Scantrust has planned to link the QR code-related metadata with the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano & Scantrust start their first supply chain & ACS

The Cardano Scantrust application is currently being implemented as a prototype in Baia’s wine business. Baia’s Wine, a Georgian winemaker based in the Imereti region and run by the Abuladze sisters, is an international exporter of quality wine. The Scantrust Cardano app connects the Cardano metadata with the unique secured QR codes from Scantrust on the winegrower’s bottle products. With the help of the Cardano Scantrust solution, data visualization on Baias Wine SCM (Supply Chain Management) becomes easy.

As a debut initiative, Cardano introduced a method of proving the principle that enables the Cardano blockchain to be used as a public inspection platform for the secure recording of supply chain statistics. It makes it easy to validate the point of origin of the product and also helps in checking the companies involved in the supply chain.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, said he was extremely proud of the integration team for their dedicated synergies with Scantrust to provide a unique solution for accessing and controlling Cardano’s metadata.

Meanwhile, Scantrust CEO Nathan Anderson said that Scantrust’s collaboration with Cardano will help brand owners give their consumers unfiltered and complete access to the origin of the product and more.

The Cardano Foundation is a Switzerland-based non-profit organization dedicated to the Cardano cryptocurrency platform and its ecosystem. Cardano’s crypto asset is known as Ada.

Scantrust is a networked goods and packaging platform that offers solutions for various brands and creates technology and innovative options for customer loyalty. Scantrust has solved complex international supply chain problems for Unilever, DuPont, ExxonMobil and many more.

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