Cardanos (ADA) Marlowe brings simplicity to clever monetary contracts

Cardano (ADA) is the next thing to see in the blockchain industry lately due to its level of development. It wasn’t long before some of the team members behind the technology got together in Google’s London office to open their eyes to the latest developments and perspectives from Cardano.

Shortly after the meeting, Cardano aficionados from near and far deduced that they smelled a possible partnership with Google, which Cardano invited into his office to educate the yarn crypto population in some gray areas.

Cardanos Marlowe is the next big thing

To improve its fame, Cardano updated its roadmap and added a new language called Marlowe, a Financial Domain Specific Language (DSL)) on the blockchain.

Marlowe will enable companies to enter into smart finance contracts for the Cardano infrastructure provided the conditions set by Cardano are met.

A statement from the Cardano team revealed that the language is embedded in Haskell and implements a step-by-step approach to computational semantics.

The roadmap states: “Marlowe interacts with real data and states to enable the expression of intelligent contacts beyond an accounting model and an unspent transaction Output model (UTXO)”.

The language, which is 30 percent complete, enables business users to prove that smart finance contracts do what they are expected to do.

Heard of Plutus Core?

Plutus Core was also mentioned in the updated roadmap. The language is meant to continue with the simplicity of the Cardano settlement layer, using only a simple scripting language and making the interaction between scripts and the blockchain very easy.

The roadmap reads: “It is very expressive, yet simple and safe. It is based on well-understood ideas from programming language theory, such as pure functional programming, which enables verification techniques to ensure the correctness of scripts. Plutus Core was not designed to be written by programmers directly, but to be a target for compilers, including the Plutus language. “

The Plutus core is used on the computational level. It will also have more intense interaction with the blockchain, which has the advantage that it can be used for sophisticated smart contracts.

In summary, Cardano is doing fantastic. The team behind blockchain technology has suggested numerous steps to make it flourish and differentiate itself from the competition.

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