Chainlink, IOTA, Sprint worth evaluation: April sixth

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s recent attempt to cross the vaunted $ 60,000 mark had stalled, and the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency was still steady at $ 59,000. However, in the past 36 hours, BTC has seen some appreciation in value, which also affected companies like Chainlink, IOTA and Dash.

Chain link [LINK]

Source: LINK / USD on TradingView

Chainlink, the cryptocurrency that ranks 10th on the CoinMarketCap charts, was one of the many alts to climb the charts due to the rise in the price of BTC. In fact, LINK rose over 7% in 24 hours, bringing crypto closer to its local peak. It should be noted, however, that corrections have been made at the time of writing. If BTC continues to lag behind on the charts, the devaluation could give way to a more solid trend reversal in the market.

The altcoins Chaikin cash flow There appeared ominous signs and the CMF fell below zero to indicate the strength of capital outflows in the market. On the contrary, they Parabolic SARs Dotted marks continued to underline the bullish strength of the LINK market.

Results at press time appeared to invalidate predictions from an earlier analysis, with the same prediction predicting LINK would attempt to break the $ 33 level with an unbroken uptrend.

Chainlink was in the news recently after releasing a native substrate module to bring its oracles to Polkadot.


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In 28th place by CoinMarketCap, IOTA’s price development has been very inconsistent in recent weeks, with brief increases, followed by sharp decreases in the price charts. Until a few hours ago, the altcoin was at the end of an uptrend, with crypto rising by over 16% in 36 hours. However, since BTC did not break through $ 60,000, IOTA also resorted to a sideways movement, although the altcoin made up for all of its losses from the market-wide devaluation on the 24th and 25th.

Regardless of the corrections, IOTA’s technical indicators were still very optimistic. While the mouth of the Bollinger Bands was different at press time to indicate some level of short-term price volatility Relative Strength Index was stable near the overbought zone.

In fact, IOTA’s press time results contradicted those of an earlier analysis, with the technical indicators in the latter pointing to a great deal of skepticism in the market.

Line [DASH]

Source: DASH / USD on TradingView

Dash, one of the major privacy coins in the crypto market, appreciated significantly in value in April. In just over 24 hours, the Alt increased by over 20%. Like the two alts before, however, the cryptocurrency stagnated somewhat in the charts at the time of going to press, with the steady loss of uptrend highlighted by the decline in the Alt’s lag volumes.

However, the cryptocurrency technical indicators were still ambivalent about near-term expectations, suggesting that a trend reversal had not yet occurred. While Awesome oscillator The histogram flashed both bullish and bearish signals MACD The line was approaching a bearish transition with the signal line.

Dash was last on the news after announcing an Ethereum DeFi bridge.

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