Chainlink Prize, Polkadot Prize Races for $ 100, Which Will Be Reached First?

Polkadot Price Smashed New ATH!

Polkadot price eventually cleared the $ 39 resistance and hit new highs after a healthy consolidation. DOT price soared big, forming a new ATH at $ 46.48 with a huge jump of more than 21%.


The surge secured the DOT position in the top 5 of the cryptocurrency rankings and placed it in fourth place. In addition, the upcoming Polkadot Parachains project could do big rounds in the crypto space. The DOT price can also be influenced to a greater extent by increasing the price near or even above USD 100.

According to analysts, the DOT price will be worth a ridiculous amount in two months’ time.

$ DOT will be worth a ridiculous amount in two months.

Just my personal opinion after looking at everything.

– David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) April 3, 2021

The price has been declined by around $ 40 multiple times since the previous month and eventually broke the barriers to move beyond it. Currently, it is mandatory for DOT price to break the next resistance area around $ 51.80 in order to maintain upward momentum.

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Chainlink pricing has also started pricing above $ 32, with more and more things queuing for the rest of the year. The platform may start an investment, which is expected to take place in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2021. Given the developments in the Chainlink ecosystem, the LINK price appears to be severely undervalued.

Additionally, the platform announced that the Chainlink price feeds are now available as an oracle pallet for all Substrate, Polkadot and Kusama coins.

With the integration of the Chailink ecosystem into that of Polkadot, both prices are expected to rise high. The DOT price is already up more than 20% to a price of $ 45.96, and the Chainlink price is $ 33.12, up 9.19% at press time.

Therefore, both the Chainlink price and the Polkadot price are likely to rise sharply in the coming days. With the altcoin season just around the corner, the price could initially go up to $ 50 and later to $ 100 very soon.

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