Charles Hoskinson’s video replace exhibits promising progress on the Cardano (ADA) challenge

The team behind Cardano (ADA) continues to strive to build its network. The constant research and communication with the public have made this project one of the most visited and most promising in the cryptosphere.

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Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and head of the Cardano Development Team (ADA), never disappoints his followers and regularly keeps them updated on any new development from the research team, no matter how small.

Yesterday, Mr. Hoskinson revealed some of the research team’s recent achievements in a stream posted on the Cardano Foundation’s Twitter account. The progress has been satisfactory, so the team could continue to be optimistic and enthusiastic about the development of this third generation blockchain.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, gives an update on Cardano and its various workflows in his latest video. Watch the video and read the summary here:

– Cardano Foundation (@CardanoStiftung) July 6, 2018

These ideas are further elaborated in a detailed article on the official Cardano (ADA) forum. Here are a few highlights:

Cardano 1.3

Cardano (ADA) logo. ADA is the cryptocurrency that runs on the Cardano blockchain

This version passed the first QA cycle. After a test phase, the team considers an early Daedalus and Cardano to be possible until August.

This version of Cardano has made numerous improvements in terms of performance, memory usage, and stability.

Cardano (ADA) Wallet News

The IOHK team is working with an unidentified third party on a project related to a free wallet for Daedalus. There is no further explanation. However, you mentioned that the announcements in mid-August would be exciting and very interesting.

IELE Test Net

The testnet is expected to be published later this month. This evolution would allow smart contracts to be designed outside of the EVM, using both Solidity and IELE’s own code.

quality control

The IOHK team works hand in hand with Allied Testing and QuiviQ to achieve ever higher quality standards. So far the results have been positive

Cardano 1.4

The team plans to release this new version in late October. It will contain the Cardano wallet backend as well as improvements for mass implementation. This version provides positive and visible results for exchanges and users with a large number of portfolios and transactions. For individual users, however, the feeling remains relatively similar.


Research and development continues, but the Ouroboros project is still at a very early stage. For the IOHK research team, this is one of the most important projects to date.

The development of Cardano (ADA) is in a promising phase. The results were satisfactory enough to predict a auspicious year 2019 for the events envisaged in this blockchain’s roadmap.

Cardano is much closer to reality now than it was months ago when it was just a project with some progress.

There is still some time left before the project is 100% complete. For many, however, the trip was extremely pleasant.

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