CropBytes Farming sport on Tron set for the digital revolution in agriculture

Would you like to become a farming tycoon and cash out the crypto you’ve earned through an exciting game based on blockchain technology? CropBytes heard you. CropBytes becomes the most refreshing gaming platform based on the Tron network as it continues to focus on digitally revolutionizing the farming game.

The Tron network, in which various projects are located, is also becoming a hub for numerous decentralized applications (Dapp). By nature, CropBytes is a Tron-based farming game that allows you to feed, raise animals, grow crops, grow your own land, and do many other farming activities. In the meantime, users can trade with other users on the platform’s decentralized marketplace.

The game is the result of hard work and constant development since the team started working on it in April 2018. Your roadmap looks more than impressive.

How does Tron-based CropBytes work?

The game highlights four main features: shopping cart (inventory), update assets (update app with new server information), gear icon (settings) and wooden box (Automagic Processor). The “Inventory” option allows you to find water, farmland, and trees that can be dragged exactly to trees and land with the second function. The settings option gear icon can be used to turn off the music or log out of the game.

If you would like to take part in a game, you must first register at and quickly download the game on google play (or play online at the site. Once you start playing the CropBytes you will undoubtedly be addicting and exciting to this game.

You can also grow your own corn plants, raise your animals, and then the animals will eventually give you milk, eggs and playing cards. Plus, you can also buy a well or lake to make sure you have enough water to grow crops. That’s the beauty of this game; it’s so real – you follow identical steps as a real farmer!

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As with every other game on the Tron blockchain, CropBytes is asking users to invest some TRX tokens to get started. After initially spending TRX, if you find the farm is growing and your animals are giving milk and eggs, you can also access the option to sell these to other players in exchange for TRX or playing cards.

In this process, you can withdraw your funds in the form of TRX cryptocurrency investments that you have made. And you guessed it right; If you can grow your farm well, you will pay out a lot more TRX than your initial investment.

Users can access this game through Google’s Play Store while the iOS app is still under development. In summary, it should be noted that three parties are involved in the game. One is a farmer, the second is a trader, and the third is the investor.

To optimize the experience, the platform brings the Dapp version of the CropBytes, which is currently in the development phase. Notably, the game has received positive reviews and it seems that audiences find it very attractive.

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