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Hong Kong-based OTC cryptocurrency market CoinCola has announced support for InstantSend Cryptocurrency Dash and has launched an expansion of its services to the Venezuelan market.

Over the counter (OTC) exchanges are one of the most effective ways to liquidate digital assets through secure online escrow accounts in local fiat currencies. CoinCola is one of those crypto marketplaces and offers both coin-to-coin and coin-to-fiat exchange via OTC.

CoinCola is going global

CoinColaThe Hong Kong company, which is over a year old, is expanding the limits of its OTC exchange reach into an international market. Their mission is to provide a safer and easier way for people to trade cryptocurrencies and conduct transactions with their local fiat currencies.


OTC marketplace users can exchange their local fiat currency for BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USDT and now Dash. You can also swap from crypto back to the local currency. Under the basic values ​​of transparency, security and efficiency CoinCola 100,000 transactions are currently carried out every month.

CoinColaThe first stop on the international market is Venezuela, where they will present their flagship product with the trading pair Dash Cryptocurrency to the Latin American country. From launch until October 30th, a limited trading fee of 0% will be granted on Dash transactions. To further simplify this extension, their mobile app, available in both iOS and Android, now supports both Spanish and English.

Some of the other promotional offers for the Venezuelan users include a 0% transaction fee (excluding commercial advertising), a 0.5% discount fee when advertising is placed on the platform (normal fees are set at 0.7%) and a commission of 50 % Reward when users recommend their friends.

Partnership with Dash

The Line The project started in 2014 and is one of the most successful projects for crypto payments with digital cash. It has made a name for itself with retailers all over the world with its InstantSend function. The current dealer list includes 8 popular locations including America, Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Germany, UK and Venezuela.

Venezuelan residents are very familiar with crypto and top the list of traders with a list of over 2007 traders, including grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores in the country where the cryptocurrency is currently being introduced. The newly initiated partnership of CoinCola The main benefits of Dash Crypto are expected to be used to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the Latin American country and beyond.

According to Allan Zhang, CEO and founder of CoinCola::

“CoinCola carries out an average of 100,000 transactions per month on our platform. In terms of transaction volume, we are the second largest public OTC platform in the world. Currently 95% of all transactions come from Asia. We will be truly global through our partnership with Dash. We chose to partner with Dash because it is the most efficient digital currency for payments, has the lowest fees, and offers InstantSend technology. Dash has a strong presence in Venezuela, Latin America and the rest of the world. We are very particular about which coins we list on our platform and we are proud to be able to offer Dash to Venezuelan users now. “

The ongoing challenges of inflation in Venezuela have exposed its residents to alternative economic ways of exchanging capital. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the region is increasing rapidly, especially at Dash. CoinColaThe expansion into the Venezuelan market aims to provide residents with a competitive fee, diverse and stimulating option.

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