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In the cryptocurrency world, very few projects have the branding required to make a lasting impact. Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be ticking the right boxes, though it would appear that Dogecoin is unique up there too. Given the current appreciation in value, the Dogecoin price appears to be approaching the $ 0.0021 level again.

Dogecoin price continues to rise

In recent years it has been in vain to find a real market indicator over the weekend. Cryptocurrency markets act by themselves and don’t always seem to follow the general sentiment. While Dogecoin is typically a stable coin, it is growing in popularity as it can maintain its value under most circumstances. In some rare cases, it can even increase in value when traders least expect it.


To put this in perspective: The last 24 hours have revealed a minor Dogecoin Price increase. After improving the USD by 0.53% and increasing BTC value by 0.36%, Dogecoin appears to be doing quite well. So much so that even hitting $ 0.0021 shouldn’t pose any real problems going forward. The 51 Satoshi level will also remain in the game, but an increase in this section remains unlikely.

Big news of the weekend is how a new alpha version of the Doge Racer game has been made available to Patrons. There will also be a live stream of this game this weekend, and more bug fixes will happen over the next few days. It is obvious that developing a Dogecoin-themed game is not easy, but the progress made so far seems very promising.

Doge Racer 1.5 Alpha is now available to customers! Live stream tomorrow night! Bug fix updates during the week! Thank you everyone for your support ❤https: // #Dogecoin #doge

– Doge Racer (@RacerDoge) March 30, 2019

It also appears that a potential scam is making the rounds in the cryptocurrency world. Users are specifically asked to purchase company names from an unknown person through the Ethereum Name Service. One user even responded by offering to pay 5,000 DOGE instead of 5,000 ETH for this purpose. However, it is unlikely that the offer will be accepted.

Lol, an unsolicited email asking me to buy our company name from the “Etheruem Name Service”? Does anyone even use that? LOL is asking for 5000 ETH (704,000 USD). Instead, offers 5000 #dogecoin ($ 10 USD).

– Mike Olthoff @ (@olthoff) March 31, 2019

For those just looking at the DOGE pricing table, it’s a bit difficult to understand what will happen next. Since there is still no clear direction, this small uptrend can be negated without too many problems. Even so, the weekly chart is not looking bad at the moment, which could indicate that some upward momentum will soon set in.

$ doge $ dogebtc #dogecoin $ crypto 24h & Weekly 🐶

– Bitcoin Stripper (@BitcoinStripper) March 31, 2019

As always with Dogecoin, the current market conditions can change at any moment. Whether this will be good or bad is difficult to say at this point. There isn’t a lot of trading volume and the total profits are relatively small. However, most owners will be more than happy for a Sunday.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please do your own research before buying or investing in any cryptocurrency.

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