EOS Bulls cost at full pace and lead with 16% revenue earlier than EOSIO launches


EOS price is currently at $ 14.10, up 16 percent over the past 24 hours. Shortly before the official start of the EOSIO launch, the bulls took charge as the EOS coin is currently the market leader with maximum profits. Block.One has already created the open source software of the first version of the EOSIO blockchain on GitHub and offers an overview of the functions.



EOS bulls go insane and lead the market gains

The crypto market is very green right now. And the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world, EOS, is currently looking very good. Currently, EOS is up 16 percent at $ 14.10 and a market cap of around $ 12.27 billion at the time of writing.

Last week, EOS has seen the blues as the market keeps going up and down. Starting at $ 10.93 a few days ago, the EOS price appears to have seen an upward trend in anticipation of the EOSIO blockchain’s official launch.

The open source software of the EOSIO Blockchain 1.0 version has already been made available on GitHub. Block.one also gave an overview of what this new version has to offer.

A number of features have been added including limited free rate transactions, low latency block confirmation of around 0.5 seconds, time delay security, blockchain communication and scheduled recurring transactions. It also adds Byzantine low-overhead fault tolerant finality, optional high-overhead, low-latency BFT finality, and support for keys secured by biometric hardware such as Apple Secure Enclave.


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The new blockchain version, which was developed for the sparse header light client validation, has additional functions consisting of an intelligent contract platform with web assembly and the parallel execution of the context-free validation logic.

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Is the very ambitious platform ready for more profits?

Some of the platform’s ambitions like millions of transactions per second and zero transaction fees raised a lot of questions.

However, having completed the longest ICO and raised an astonishing amount of around $ 4 billion in about a year, the EOS team is not alarmed by all of the comments it has received from the crypto community.

Just days earlier, the Chinese internet security giant announced that it had discovered high-risk vulnerabilities in the EOS cryptosystem. It was later determined by the EOS team that the bug had already been fixed.

Also, EOS recently announced a $ 10,000 bounty for anyone who finds a major bug on their network. The launch of the EOSIO blockchain has long been in the news, which has caught the attention and anticipation of community members.

With the green EOS price and growth of around 16 percent, the momentum has already developed. So it is very likely that the cops will get going with the official launch of the EOSIO blockchain. It remains to be seen at what level these prices will rise.

What level will the EOS price reach? Let us know your thoughts!

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