EOS (EOS) worth that initiates a break above the every day restrict

The fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, EOS (EOS), is returning losses in early January as the EOS / USD pair approaches the big $ 2.80 which acted as clear supportive or resilient levels depending on the position.

Source: coinmarketcap – per write time

The rapid surge from $ 2.35 to $ 2.75 on Feb. 8 was a key contributor to market performance. On the daily trend chart, almost all leading coins experience a movement to limit the range, which is only combated by EOS per font.

– According to a January 24 press release, China announced another iteration of its government-sponsored ranking system for the top cryptocurrencies and their blockchains, once again putting EOS at the top. Even though EOS was in fifth place with an M-Cap value of $ 2.5 billion, it managed to take the leading place in the ranking compiled by the Chinese Center for Information and Industrial Development (CCID) against other coins that many consider innovative and view time-changing.

Ethereum, which ranks second by market capitalization, has also received the government organization’s second highest blockchain award, with XRP ranked 20th. The position of ETH remains unchanged from December.

Daniel Larimer, EOS CTO, said in an interview with Colins Talks Crypto

“Decentralization is not what we are looking for … What we are looking for is anti-censorship and robustness against shutdown.”

– A few days ago, blockchain projects like EOS, NEO and TRON, which follow a leading consensus model and sacrifice decentralization for speed, were hit directly by the founder of Ethereum [the crypto considered the pioneer to the smart contract concept] Vitalik Buterin who called the pile of coins trash that makes a big deal out of its trx volume:

“When a blockchain project claims we can run 3,500 TPS because we have a different algorithm, we really mean: We are a central garbage heap because we only have 7 nodes on which the whole thing runs.”

According to Buterin, there are good, legitimate ways to make a blockchain fast by working on layer 1 and 2 scaling solutions.

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