Ethereum and Litecoin Explode, Outperforming Bitcoin!

These altcoins offer some great opportunities in the near future, according to the well known trader and analyst.

Micheal Van De Poppe looks at these two large-cap altcoins that can outperform Bitcoin in the coming bull cycle. The analyst is pretty bullish and sees fair potential in these two altcoins to explode in the near future. He says they have some great opportunities in the near future.


In his new video he illuminates them Ethereum and Bitcoin Couple as they are set for massive growth and maybe ready to break out.

According to him, everything is perfect as long as Ethereum stays in the price range between 0.028 and 0.03. Everything will be fine even if Ethereum drops to 0.0265. And of all the altcoins, he thinks this is one of the few that seems to be the most attractive in this structure. It looks bullish in and of itself as long as it stays here. In the medium term, he expects a price increase of 40% compared to the current price of 0.044.

Van de Poppe says the prevailing fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) is about Ethereum “Should guarantee a massive outbreak as soon as ETH 2.0 gets rolling.”

The next large-cap coin he sees potential in is Litecoin, which is trying to rebound after falling to a multi-week low. Lately, the demand for Litecoin has weakened significantly. While LTC / BTC is still at the center of a multi-year downtrend, he believes it is showing early signs of life.

“I get interested when I see so many Litecoins being traded, which for me means that there is higher accumulation. You want to see an upturn, people go FOMOish, people see Litecoin go strong, etc. Make a slight move of 20%. Then you don’t want to follow the trade in general, but once it flips that region (0.003) we can have such a trend again (from 0.007 to 0.016). “

If Litecoin moves according to the script, Van de Poppe claims it would increase to 0.0058, a 93 percent increase from the entry point suggested by the trader.

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