Ethereum Miner’s earnings exceeded ATH in February, reaching $ 1.38 billion in March

March was another excellent month for Ethereum miners as their monthly earnings hit a new all-time high of $ 1.38 billion. The price of Ethereum continued to rise in April, despite Bitcoin (BTC) failing to break the $ 60,000 mark.

Ethereum miners continue to see green

Ethereum, the world’s largest blockchain for smart contracts, has one Sterling Achievement in the first quarter of 2021 in terms of price movements and mining revenue, and it seems the digital asset could hit more exciting milestones this year.

Per chain Data gathered by The blockIn March, Ethereum miners saw solid revenue performance again as it hit a new all-time high (ATH) of $ 1.38 billion, up 0.73 percent from the previous month’s revenue of $ 1.37 billion Shadowed.

Notably, Ethereum’s mining subsidies accounted for 12.89 percent of total miners’ sales in March, while transaction fees accounted for 47.22 percent, a 9.94 percent decrease from 52.87 percent in February.

The price of Ethereum is maintaining the upward trend

During 2021 has brought good news for Bitcoin (BTC) and the vast majority of distributed ledger technology (DLT) Ethereum is based on cryptocurrencies and has proven to be one of the best performers so far.

Although the use of Eth2 by exchanging cryptocurrencies in preparation for the network’s migration to the PoS consensus algorithm (Proof-of-Stake) has contributed immensely to the strong upward momentum of Ether (ETH) this year $ 7 million The value of ETH is now anchored in the Eth2 Beacon chain network. The introduction of Ethereum has continued to move up despite its shortcomings.

End of March 2021 Reports It turns out that Visa has partnered with to give the latter’s Visa card holders the ability to use the Ethereum-powered USDCoin (USDC) stablecoin directly in millions of locations around the world to pay.

“We are seeing increasing demand from consumers around the world to access, hold and use digital currency, and we are seeing demand from our customers to be able to develop products that give consumers this access,” Visa said of the company Time.

As expected, the news has pushed the price of ether above the $ 2,000 region for the first time in over six weeks, and the price of the digital asset is around $ 2,048 at the time of this writing.

Bitcoin (BTC) price, on the other hand, did not stay above the USD 60,000 price range again and is currently trading at USD 57,976.

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