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PRESS RELEASE. Torum was launched on July 1, 2020 and is a social media platform specially designed for cryptocurrency users. The name Torum symbolizes the nature of the platform and was born from the combination of “Tokenized” and “Forum”. The platform strives to connect global users of cryptocurrencies to a one-stop crypto ecosystem of the industry.

Torum works in a remote team organization. The 18-person team consists of founders and core developers from Malaysia, India and Turkey with a diversified background in UI / UX, mobile app, cybersecurity, etc.

With an initial development fund of $ 300,000, the team behind Torum built the community organically with a humble top-down approach. Starting with just 1,000 seed users when the beta started, the number has now grown exponentially to over 25,000 registered users.

Ranked in the top 50,000 Alexa, Torum is now a popular hangout haunted by cryptocurrency communities from all over the world including the US, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, India, Singapore, Australia, etc.

Driving on the DeFi and NFT waves

Torum is unique to other social media peers and positions itself as a social media platform that is always ready to take advantage of the latest innovations for utility companies. It’s a brilliant strategic move that Torum CEO Ah Go says:

“The rise of DeFi and NFT is a perfect catalyst bringing a wave of newcomers into space, and Torum is definitely their ideal place to start.”

Personal competition with social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit is suicide, which is why Torum is basically only designed for crypto addicts and followers. This sets Torum apart from other crypto social media competitors who accept users from different backgrounds, including those who don’t even share the same crypto interest.

The integration of crypto innovations like DeFi and NFT gives crypto communities a solid reason to join Torum while ensuring that the platform remains attractive only to people interested in topics and discussions related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The first social media project on Binance Smart Chain

Inspired by DeFi & NFT innovations, retailers and brands are entering the crypto space in a flash. Unfortunately, the trend has pushed the Ethereum blockchain to its limits. Torum (XTM) recognizes the future economic disadvantage that will arise from the congestion of Ethereum’s network and will migrate to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and be the first social media project in the ecosystem.

The migration has been fully supported by the Torum community so anyone can take advantage of the transaction fee in the chain at a fraction of the Ethereum network, while the upcoming Torum NFT Marketplace will be one of the first NFT platforms to be launched on the BSC- Ecosystem.

It will be interesting to see how the BSC ecosystem will benefit Torum in the long term. Over time, the platform aims to become the adoption bridge that connects the general public with the crypto space.

Jayson Tan, CMO
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