Evaluate: Fly the brand new Ram TRX, an excessive 700 horsepower pickup with a Porsche price ticket

The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX.

Matt Bubbers / The Globe and the Post

The truck is making a crash landing at 75 km / h. The front window is just dirt and mud, no sky. A brief moment of weightlessness comes to an abrupt end since what went off, well, you know. The only thing to do is be tense and wait for the crisis. Cracking plastic sounds like a broken bone. Now is the time to pray that the anti-whiplash helmet and harness will actually work.

The impact initially feels like landing on a trampoline. The truck’s shock absorbers dampen the impact but do not stop the falling motion. they just slow it down. The front bumper scratches the floor. There’s an air of hard impact to it as the suspension feels almost like it’s on the ground, like there’s a concrete floor right under the trampoline, but we just graze it before the entire truck bounces up again.

That wasn’t really that bad. Only the front license plate is bent. We’re driving around for another run, but this time we want to hit the jump at 65 km / h so the truck doesn’t crash so badly.

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The new 2021 Ram TRX was built for such antics. It’s a 700 horsepower gas-eating toy for people with $ 100,000 to spend on things like that.

Start the gigantic 6.2-liter supercharged V8 and your neighbors will hear its deep “wob-wob-wob” buzz. The engine alone, which can also be found in Dodge Hellcat models and the Jeep Trackhawk SUV, costs $ 30,000, which partly explains the price of the TRX. The electronically controlled Bilstein Remote Reservoir shock absorbers – with 13 inches of travel at the front and 14 inches at the rear – are exotic. They honestly do a miraculous job of keeping this 2,880 kg truck off the ground.

Even so, $ 100,000 is Porsche-level money, so it had better be good. Behind the steering wheel of this giant, you tower above the other traffic – almost at eye level with big rig truckers. The steering slows down, reminding you how far the wheels are from the driver’s seat. Put your foot on the throttle and the eight-speed gearbox will kick out and upshift. While the engine groans, a high-pitched compressor whistles through the noise. The truck hits on its back wheels and rushes forward, but it doesn’t feel particularly fast because you’re so high off the ground.

Fuel consumption? Sorry I can’t hear the question. The engine is too loud. (On the road it was an average of 17.0 l / 100 km.)

The TRX was developed for aggressive off-road driving.

Matt Bubbers / The Globe and the Post

You will be surprised to learn that there is a fairly lucrative market for such toys, which is why Ram, a division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, decided to enter this market. Well, that and the Ford F-150 Raptor who invented the brand new niche in the Baja truck look.

There is a large community of people modifying their high-suspension, large-tire pickups, says Mike Szymkiewicz, director of product planning at FCA Canada. “This stuff isn’t cheap to make, so they’re incredibly passionate people,” he explains. “Some of them drive off-road. others just like the look. “

For proof, drive anywhere outside of a major city in Canada and you will find plenty of raised trucks with loud exhausts. Even in cities like Toronto and Montreal, Ram sells many high-performance “sports trucks,” says Szymkiewicz.

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Instagram channels like TerraCrew and countless YouTube videos with titles like “Epic Pre-Runner Truck Build” appeal to enthusiasts. According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, which represents the $ 46 billion vehicle customization industry, upgrade parts and accessories for pickup trucks are far more popular than those for cars or SUVs.

Pallet trucks with loud exhausts aren’t hard to come by outside of major Canadian cities, and that’s the market that Fiat Chrysler is targeting with the TRX.

Matt Bubbers / The Globe and the Post

The TRX is Ram’s belated response to the 2009 Ford F-150 Raptor. The current Raptor has a 450-horsepower V6 engine and costs $ 77,000, numbers the Ram easily trumps. Rumor has it, however, that Ford will soon be installing the top-tier Mustang’s 700 horsepower engine in the F-150. The pickup wars are heating up (and so is the planet).

“Ford sells some Raptors, and they use them for the same reason we use the TRX,” says Szymkiewicz. “These are higher-[profit]-margin vehicles. “They also act as Halo products for the brand,” he explains, attracting customers who buy a regular Ram 1500 because the TRX exists.

If you don’t get the bowel level “yeeeehhaawww!” When a gigantic truck flies through the air and falls back to earth, you will likely see the Ram TRX – and any fast, noisy gas eater – as anything wrong with the world. Where you are on this truck could very well be a litmus test of which side of the Culture Wars you are on.

Regardless of what you think, Ram has already seen strong demand for the TRX, the first examples of which should be dirt cracks near you before the end of the year.

The frame of the truck has been redesigned to withstand the stress of being sent off by cracks in dirt and sand dunes.

Matt Bubbers / The Globe and the Post

Technical specifications

2021 Ram TRX
  • Base price: $ 93,995
  • Engine: 6.2 liter V8 supercharger
  • Transmission / drive: 8-speed automatic / all-wheel drive
  • Fuel consumption (liters / 100 kilometers): 22.4 city, 16.5 highway
  • Alternatives: Ford F-150 Raptor or a homemade Baja buggy

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If you’ve always dreamed of riding the Baja 1000 or Mint 400, you will love it. If you’ve never heard of these races, the TRX looks like a noticeable overcompensation.


The interior of the TRX is both palatial and functional.

Courtesy of the manufacturer

It’s palatial. Despite the stitched leather, carbon fiber interior, and high price, you wouldn’t confuse it with a Mercedes-Benz, but the feel of use is part of the truck’s appeal.


The frame of the truck, which is based on the standard Ram 1500, has been almost completely redesigned to cope with the stress of cracks in dirt and sand dunes.


Thank heavens for the surround view parking cameras and the rearview mirror that turns into a screen.


Make sure everything is tied down in the cargo bed before sending the truck over jumps.

The judgment

Either the best or the worst truck ever.

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Matt Bubbers / The Globe and the Post

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