Georgia’s StillFire Brewing is now accepting Bitcoin

But with masks.

StillFire Brewing is the first brewery in Georgia to accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a means of payment in their taproom. Starting this week, customers will be able to purchase every range of beer and seltzer ranges from the brewery, as well as loot and other goods in the world’s fastest growing currency.

StillFire Brewing, which has only been brewing since 2019, decided to accept Bitcoin in the taproom as it has all of the benefits of cash – no third party involvement or bank fees – combined with the benefits of electronic transactions, instant payment confirmation, and no handling of physical items.

“With Bitcoin, our customers can enjoy our beer cheaper, faster and more safely,” said General Manager Aaron Bisges. “Our customers want simplicity and we are happy to offer it.”

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The brewery will use the Bitcoin payment processor CoinBase, which offers tools that allow merchants to accept Bitcoin and deposit US dollars into their bank accounts the next day for a 1 percent fee. This removes any concerns about Bitcoin’s price volatility and allows them to take advantage of the efficiency of the Bitcoin payment network. Credit card processors can charge up to 2 to 3 percent on top of equipment rentals, membership fees, and fraudulent chargeback concerns.

“We know that today’s customers are tech-savvy and prefer to shop and surf online,” said Bisges. “The natural progress is in offering cryptocurrency, and we really look forward to seeing how many people are willing to buy this way. The future is here and it includes good beer. “

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