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Litecoin traded within a triangle pattern, preparing for a breakout where LTC is likely to zoom towards USD 250. This upward trend was not yet in play. EOS fell to the $ 5.85 level and lost what would force it to visit $ 5.35. Decred showed a bearish divergence.

Litecoin [LTC]

Source: LTC / USD on TradingView

Litecoin formed a symmetrical triangle pattern, gathering steam above the USD 194 support level. The 20 EMA (white) moved above the 50-period EMA (yellow) which supported the price somewhat.

A breakout or breakdown is signaled on a trading session that ends out of the pattern with high trading volume, indicating that the market has made a decision.

At the time of writing, bears could have the upper hand as the RSI fell below the neutral 50 and retested it as a resistance.


Source: EOS / USDT on TradingView

EOS crossed the highlighted supply area at $ 4.3 and was trading at $ 6.02 at the time of writing. However, for the past few days, the EOS has been hovering between $ 5.35 and $ 6.4, forming a short-term range. The midpoint at $ 5.85 appears to offer resistance and support, although this wasn’t an important area yet.

The Directional Movement Index showed a falling ADX (yellow) to signal that the previous uptrend was losing strength. On the Aroon ad, Aroon Down (blue) crossed over Aroon Up (orange).

Taken together, a dip below the $ 5.85 mark could cause EOS to hit $ 5.35 again in the coming days.

Decreed [DCR]

Source: DCR / USDT on TradingView

The MACD moved lower despite prices making higher highs in the past few days, a bearish divergence that could push DCR back to the USD 178 support level.

The visible area of ​​the volume profile shows the trading activity according to volume at different price levels for the period visible in the graphic. High trading activity suggests the area is significant, with the most important being the Point of Control (PoC) at $ 165.8.

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