Ripple lawsuit dismissed? Not but. However signatures for the “Cease the Struggle on XRP” petition are on the rise

Ripple (CCC:XRP-USD) is still investigating its lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, but a petition has requested that it be dismissed.

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A Ripple attorney sent a letter to SEC chairman candidate Gary Gensler regarding the lawsuit. The petition calls for an end to the lawsuit alleging XPR was targeted by former SEC chairman Jay Clayton. It is alleged that Clayton unfairly persecuted Ripple compared to its bigger rivals Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) and ether (CCC:ETH-USD).

This petition calls on Gensler to discontinue the lawsuit against Ripple, which has been ongoing since the end of December 2020. It also calls on the new candidate for the SEC chairmanship to investigate Clayton’s motives in hosting XRP over BTC or ETH.

An excerpt from the petition was collected by Ripple Coin News and reads as follows.

“While Clayton and Hinman were in office, they were asked if Bitcoin and Ether were securities. You said very clearly on the file, no, they are not securities, so keep trading them. Both have taken money from companies that have a direct or clear indirect interest in these public statements. “

With the Ripple lawsuit going on for so long, investors will likely want to catch up on the key details. Fortunately, handled the fiasco from the start. Get all the details at this link.

Even with a lawsuit, Ripple has not done badly lately. The cryptocurrency recently surged above the $ 1 per token price. It has continued to move around that price since it hit earlier this week.

Price predictions for XRP are rather mixed. Some experts expect significant profits from the cryptocurrency. This could bring in up to $ 3 per token. Others, however, expect a drop that could hit just 65 cents per token.

The XRP rose slightly on Thursday afternoon.

As you move away from Ripple, there are other players in the crypto room worth a look.

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