Stellar displays average upward momentum; 2.72% gained

The star price has increased 2.94% in the last 24 hours, and the value has reached $ 0.049894 from $ 0.048465. Investors could see the current upward momentum continue in the short term.

Stellar price analysis

Since the beginning of the current month, the XLM coin has been trading with a slow and steady upward trend. By April 6th, the currency hit the $ 0.042 mark, and then it marked a steep upward move, and the next day it topped the $ 0.050 level. Despite the current volatility, the stellar currency has managed to trade between $ 0.050 for the past two days with slight falls.

Stellar (XLM) is approaching $ 0.050 as it hits close to 3% overnight TradingView’s XLM / USD chart

Yesterday the XLM coin started trading around $ 0.048465 and for the first 6 hours the price rose 4.33% to hit $ 0.050565. From that high, however, the coin was rejected and started trading on the downside. This was followed by a price correction of 4.29% that cost the coin $ 0.002 and lowered the price of Stellar to $ 0.048403 by 10:47 UTC.

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The next swing took place between 10:47 and 23:33 UTC, and it was during those 12 hours and 45 minutes that the XLM price was raised to the high of the day at $ 0.051592, but it was rejected again and the price fell to $ 0.04939. At the time of this writing, the currency was reflecting a slight improvement, trading at $ 0.04989 towards $ 0.050.

The current price of Stellar is heavily supported at 20 days MA ($ 0.049848) and 50 days MA ($ 0.049786). The MACD line has gone beyond the signal line as well, and all of these numbers point to an imminent improvement. The next resistance is likely to come around $ 0.051.

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