Stellar Lumens, STEEM, Fundamental Consideration Token, BitTorrent Token Value evaluation: April sixth

Stellar Lumens has been predicted to rise above the $ 6 level after stabilizing at $ 0.46 or even $ 0.434. STEEM threatened to lose against the $ 0.95 support while BAT saw an uptrend at $ 1.5 in the event of a breakout to the upside. Eventually, BTT could move towards the $ 0.0069 support before climbing back to record levels.

Stellar lumens [XLM]

Source: XLM / USD, TradingView

The breakout of Stellar Lumens above $ 0.46 represented a shift out of a consolidation period and tipped the market in favor of the bulls. This was as expected and a move towards USD 0.6 seemed very likely with some momentum on the buy side.

The same was on the Ingenious oscillator as the green bars continued to climb above the equilibrium mark. The 24-hour trading volume also rose and was close to $ 5 billion. The RSI could stabilize below the overbought region before XLM takes the next big step. This would highlight the support levels at $ 0.46 and $ 0.434.


Source: STEEM / USD, TradingView

Contrary to the broader market trend, STEEM was down as the price fell $ 1.09 to a resistance level over the 4 hour period. The 24 hour trading volume showed inactivity and OBV remained rather subdued. The uptrend that led STEEM towards its local high above $ 1.25 may have exhausted and a period of consolidation is likely to proceed.

A bearish divergence was noted on the RSI before retreating from the $ 1.24 resistance level. Lower highs were also not an encouraging sign of near-term development. Moving towards the oversold region, the price could fall towards the USD 0.83 support.

Basic attention token [BAT]

Source: BAT / USD, TradingView

The Basic Attention Token rose above the USD 1 mark for the first time since its introduction in mid-March and even hit a record level of USD 1.3. Also impressive was the fact that BAT maintained this level through the second half of March despite the bears countering an outbreak. The $ 0.95 support was a key region during this period and additional drops towards this level could confirm its reliability as a buying point for long-term traders.

In the meantime, BAT has steadily gained momentum to move above the cap. The OBVWhile flat at the time of this writing, maintained higher levels. Since buying pressure was a relevant force in the market, a breakout was almost impossible to counter. The ADX pointed north from 22 and imagined a strengthening trend. The next target for the bulls was $ 1.5 and this could be achieved in the next few days.

Bit torrent token [BTT]

Source: BTT / USD, TradingView

While gains in the BitTorrent token market have been pretty impressive lately, a correction has been imminent for quite some time. This was evident as RSI traded in the overbought region for the past seven days, an area generally indicative of a retreat. Trading volume increased and decreased by over 50% in 24 hours. Could this mark the beginning of an end for the current upward cycle of BTT? A bearish crossover in the MACD certainly suggested.

A recent analysis found that BTT’s surge may have been due to updates to the file system, and it is possible that traders are now just trying to make a profit. Previously mentioned support levels of $ 0.0078 and $ 0.0069 could be put into action in the upcoming sessions. A rebound from the above levels seemed possible if the bulls prevented a prolonged sell-off.

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