The TRON Group is celebrating its personal TRX Twitter Emoji

In summary:

  • Tron (TRX) is the fourth digital asset with its own Twitter emoji.
  • The Tron community is celebrating this success by tweeting about TRX in front of TRON4.0.
  • The team at Binance Research has published an in-depth report on TRON, which concludes that TRX should be on everyone’s agenda.

The long wait for an official Twitter emoji for Tron (TRX) is finally over. Project founder Justin Sun announced today to the community that TRX now has its own Twitter emoji. Additionally, Justin Sun urged the Tron community to use the hashtags linked for a chance to win gifts like a Macbook Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro.

Our new #TRON & #TRX are LIVE, try them out and win gifts! 🎉

1. Macbook Pro
2. iPhone 11 Pro
3. Airpods Pro
4-10 .: #TRON Merch

1. Follow @justinsuntron @Poloniex @OfficialDLive @Tronfoundation
2. Add the #TRON emoji logo to your bio
3. Share the bio screenshot at

– Justin Sun🌞 (@justinsuntron) July 3, 2020

At the time of writing, the emoji is linked to the following hashtags:

  • #TRON
  • #TRX
  • #TRONConverence
  • #TRONAnniversary
  • #TRONGrandVoyage

Tron Community celebrates the new TRX Emoji

In mid-June, the Tron community asked Justin Sun to simplify the process of digital assets with his own Twitter emoji. This happened after became the second digital asset after Bitcoin (BTC) to have its own emoji on the social media platform. With the introduction of the TRX emoji on Twitter, Tron is the fourth digital asset to accomplish this feat. Just yesterday, July 2nd, Binance Coin (BNB) was the third digital asset with a Twitter emoji.

To celebrate the addition of the TRX emoji, the Tron community has been encouraged to use all Tron-related hashtags from now on. The Tron community wasted no time and did exactly that, as can be seen in the following screenshots of their tweets.

Tron (TRX) should be on everyone’s agenda

Also today, the Binance Research team published an in-depth analysis of Tron, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Tron is the second largest blockchain for DApps
  • Tron has over 25,000 DApp users every day
  • Tron is home to over $ 2.8 billion in Tether Stallcoin (USDT) … and growing
  • The value of the USDT issued by Tron is a surprisingly larger market cap than that of TRX ($ 1.12 billion).
  • 8 utility tokens on Tron are among the top 1,000 on Coinmarketcap
  • Tron has two prominent DEXs: PoloniDEX and TronTrade
  • 51% of Tron transactions take place in the UTC time zones, which indicates a tendency towards “Asian hours”.

At the end of the report, the team at Binance Research stated that the continued development of Tron should be enough for TRX to be on everyone’s agenda.

The developments continue, as the path to TRON 4.0 shows, trying to improve privacy (zk-SNARK), scalability (BFT mechanism) and other interoperability mechanisms.

Recent developments included the launch of the Sun Network (a second layer for dApps), the creation of a MakerDAO-like protocol called JUST, and other developments in the “TRON DeFi area”.

To sum up, TRON could become one of the coins that should be on everyone’s agenda, as shown by other research institutes that recently also pointed to the size of TRON’s activity in the chain.

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