The US authorities is altering the eligibility standards for stimulus testing

  • Under the new president, Joe Biden’s leadership, the US government is seeking approval of a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package for unemployed Americans
  • The eligibility criteria for anyone wishing to receive the $ 1,400 check have recently changed
  • The new change will result in around 17 million citizens losing the package

With COVID-19 showing signs of slowing, it’s time for people to rebuild their lives. One of the hardest hit countries was the US. More than 20 million people were unemployed and rates still showed no signs of slowing. As a glimmer of hope, however, the Senate had passed a bailout package worth 1.9 trillion US dollars with a narrow majority.

Latest admission criteria

Previously, anyone with an income less than $ 100,000 and couples less than $ 200,000 were eligible for the check for $ 1,400. However, in order to gain the necessary support in the House, President Biden adjusted the criteria below.

Citizens with salaries less than $ 75,000 and couples making less than $ 150,000 together would receive the full check for $ 1,400 before it eventually expired.

Couples earning more than $ 160,000 and individual taxpayers earning more than $ 80,000 are NOT eligible for stimulus testing.

This change would result in approximately 17 million American citizens missing out on the stimulus package. Conservatives, however, argue that these new changes would save the poorest Americans more money to meet basic needs.

Help is imminent

In a survey, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the initial payout was $ 1,200. This was spent to buy groceries, pay rent, and get affordable life insurance. Currently, unemployed citizens receive $ 400 every week in federal unemployment benefits. That program would expire on March 14, however, and the senators are battling against time to pass the new bill for Biden’s signature. With these new changes, almost all Democrats will be on board and ensure a swift final passage of the House, which can even take place on March 8th. The IRS will also consider individuals whose incomes have fallen below the plate due to the pandemic, on condition that people have already filed their 2020 taxes.

If everything goes according to plan, people may get their stimulus checks by the third week of March.

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