This is why dApps are switching to WAX and leaving EOS

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, December 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) today announced partnerships with several EOS-based dApps migrating to WAX. ITAM, Korea’s market-leading mobile game platform, plans to move its entire portfolio of in-game digital assets from EOS to WAX, including Dungeon Princess (# 1 in Taiwan’s Google Play and Apple stores), Blue Dawn, Dark Town and Darkside Dungeon and a dozen others.

Citing Prospector’s overnight success, ongoing fear of EOS congestion issues, and WAX’s unique properties as a purpose-built video game platform Dark Country (GA slated for 2020); Fighting game chain clash; and the social network KARMA also announced plans to move their projects from EOSIO chains to WAX.

Developers interested in replicating or migrating their dApps to WAX can sign up for the 30-day EOS-to-WAX challenge. Ten attendees will receive $ 2,500, co-marketing programs and access to a variety of development resources.

The WAX ​​team reports three key developments over the past 30 days that are accelerating growth

  • Prospector’s WAX game is an overnight hit

In the first week, Prospectors WAX ‘Yukon’ Lands rose to the world’s most popular dApp, according to dApp Radar. The more than 6,000 active users of Prospector in WAX have dwarfed their 2,200 active users in the EOS-based version of their game and set a new record for the most active users of the game at the same time within 24 hours.

According to CEO Nazar Chervinskiy, Prospector’s success shows that the demand for gamers who focus on fun and gameplay rather than blockchain protocols has been pent-up. “With two clicks, players can earn real money to get the gold they expect in the WAX ​​game. With WAX Cloud Wallet, you don’t have to learn blockchain security protocols, have problems with private keys, or otherwise deal with the agony associated with most crypto wallets. “

“Compared to the frustration and friction of setting up and onboarding via an EOS wallet, the experience of playing Prospectors on WAX with the WAX ​​Cloud Wallet was as smooth as Barry White in silk!” Added Jon Jordan, Editor of PocketGamer.BIZ , in addition used both editions.

  • Continuation of the fear of EOS Blockchain Congestion Fuels Exodus

Business partners cite a number of factors leading to their move to WAX, but all with one common theme: WAX is in a unique position to offer the benefits of a DPoS blockchain combined with solutions that address the weaknesses of dApps, that are executed on other EOSIO blockchains.

“We built our developer SDK and ITAM marketplace on top of EOSIO to provide an easy way for existing, high quality games to give customers the joy of collecting, searching for and trading in-game value they’ve created “said Asung Gill, CEO of ITAM. “However, we felt that EOSIO’s slow network speeds, costly transactions and time-consuming onboarding process were preventing us from achieving our project goals. We have therefore decided to move our entire portfolio of in-game digital assets to WAX in order to enable fast and free transactions with digital assets while at the same time significantly simplifying the onboarding process – no crypto knowledge is required. ”

“Is EOS the best place to run KARMA right now for both user experience and cost? After going through all of the options and factors, we came to the conclusion that WAX is currently the best option for the KARMA project, ”said Dallas Rushing, co-founder of KARMA.

  • WAX announces a 30-day, six-step challenge for EOS developers to duplicate or migrate dApps to WAX

WAX is providing a total of $ 25,000, marketing support, and developer resources to the top 10 challengers. Anyone else who moves an existing EOS dApp to WAX can earn WAX tokens worth $ 100. Developers can apply here to be considered for the challenge. The deadline is December 18th.

Why EOS-dApps switch to WAX

“This wave of partnerships reflects the trust of game developers that our purpose-built video game network is qualified to serve the needs of gamers and game developers alike,” said William Quigley, co-founder of WAX. More accurate,

  • WAX offers the most consumer-friendly registration and onboarding process for dApp customers. Customers can sign up with just two clicks and use dApps without having to link a third-party wallet. Customers can sign up using 13 different methods including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and VK that are localized into over 50 languages.
  • Earning WAX Staking Rewards offsets the developers’ operating costs. Developers can earn rewards in the form of more WAX ​​tokens while running their dApps. By regularly voting for WAX guilds and standby guilds, dApp developers not only help select quality block manufacturers who support the overall health of the WAX ​​blockchain, but also earn more WAX ​​tokens every day.
  • The WAX ​​Blockchain has a diverse pool of high-quality block manufacturers. The 21 WAX guilds producing blocks on the WAX ​​blockchain are the top WAX guilds identified by the independent inspector general’s office according to the WAX ​​Guild Ratings Report.
  • WAX has an effective and coherent governance model. WAX has a higher turnout rate than any other DPoS blockchain because token holders are given an incentive to vote. These voters choose the block producers (called WAX Guilds) and soon proposals to be submitted to the WAX ​​Worker Proposal System.

About WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)

WAX is an all-in-one blockchain platform that allows developers to easily create, sell, and trade digital goods to enable businesses to capitalize on the next era of digital commerce. Further information is available at and on Twitter, YouTube and Telegram.

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