TRON struggle with EOS dApp; TRX makes certain to rule the market

The Tron Foundation is very ambitious when it comes to the popularity and introduction of the TRX token. Justin Sun, one of the world’s most beloved crypto personalities and CEO of the TRON Foundation, never takes a backseat in building a prime position for the coin in the market. Not only does he care about the public image of the coin, but he also ensures that the currency enhances its utility and use cases.

The Tron token has long been striving for a reliable and first-class position in the field of decentralized apps. He had recently made a development when he took the position of Ethereum (ETH) in the dApp world. Then Tron’s struggle with EOS began. But now the TRX has made a leap and is on the advance in the world of decentralized applications (DApps).

TRON is fighting with EOS dApp, the coin ensures that it rules the market

Considering the dangers that lie ahead of the crypto coins depending on the security of the transactions, the Tron (TRX) token has shown a greater vision by aiming for the secrecy of the system as the main factor.

Now it is crucial to correlate the importance of Tron (TRX) anonymity with the fate of its DApps. By improving the security feature with the underlying anonymity, the coin will pave the way for further adoptions.

Tron made a public claim in 2018 that it would follow anonymity as a coin. Based on the concept used by ZCash, Tron developed the program “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive of Knowledge (zk-SNARKS)”. Even LiteCoin is planning a similar technology.

With Tron, users can choose between an anonymous transaction (in which the transaction is not visible to third parties) or an open transaction. In the case of anonymous transactions, only the parties to the transaction are allowed to see and confirm the details of the transaction.

Tron talks about the future of dApps and leads the way with EOS taking second place.

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