Tron (TRX) is discontinuing its ERC20 pockets consulting service, Binance will be useful once more

Alex Dovbnya

Tron is taking down the website where anyone could convert their ERC20 Tron coins to Tron mainnet supported coins

Since the start of the mainnet, ERC20 TRX holders have been able to exchange their ERC20 Tron tokens for new mainnet-based tokens via a special service. Now this shop is closed.

From July 2018 to January 31, 2019

The Tron mainnet was released on July 25th last year. A general token migration was announced through the participating exchanges, during which Tron holders could exchange their Ethereum-based ERC20 TRX coins for new coins operated by the Tron main network.

After that, the same could be done with the help of a special service designed to help members of the Tron community not to lose their old Tron tokens. The withdrawal service has been running since July 13, but not all Tron users participated in the token migration at the time. The service should work until January 1, 2019.

However, the Tron team has decided to add another month to the period until January 31, just in case. Now the time is up and the withdrawal service has stopped working.

Last chance for ERC20 based TRX holders

Those who have not yet had the opportunity to convert their old TRX coins to new coins operated by the Tron mainnet can still do so through multiple exchanges that permanently support the migration of Tron tokens. These exchanges are Binance,, and Max Exchange.

Tron’s achievements in 2019

The TRX Colony account on Twitter says that Tron has had the following milestones since 2019.

  1. It has moved from position 10 to 9, outperforming Bitcoin Cash SV first and then Stellar Lumens.

  2. Tron’s market cap value has increased by $ 500 million.

  3. The number of Tron accounts has increased by 532 million.

  4. The price of TRX has increased roughly 37 percent in US dollars.

# Tron’s growth has been remarkable. Here are some of the highlights of $ TRX’s achievements in just 31 days since the start of the new year.

– 2 places made up, from # 10 to # 8
– Market capitalization increased ~ $ 500 million
– Accounts increased by 532 million
– Price in USD increased by 37% # TRX #Tronfam

– TRX Colony (@TronColony) January 31, 2019

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