TRON (TRX) Launches Million Greenback Program to Speed up Cryptocurrency Tasks

Cryptocurrency, TRON (TRX) –Despite the fate and darkness surrounding the declining crypto market, when the prices of Bitcoin and most of the altcoin market hit their relative low for 2018, one currency has managed to find ways around the excitement in the cryptocurrency industry and ignite blockchain.

TRON, the eleventh largest coin by market capitalization, recently announced the launch of an accelerator program to help and encourage developers to create DApps and other applications on their platform. In addition to providing resources for developers, the initiative has $ 1 million available to fund new innovations with the aim of expanding both the cryptocurrency space and the protocol set by the parent company.

According to the press release from the TRON Foundation, the blockchain innovation program is set to start on November 17th and give a small glimmer of hope as market prices continue to appear red. TRON was able to make up some percentage points of the drop in prices for cryptocurrencies, but – regardless of the current valuation – is helping to further increase interest and drive development in the industry. As many analysts have pointed out during the ongoing declining market in 2018, the cryptocurrency space has grown exponentially in terms of product development and consumer adoption. Industries as wide as automobile manufacturers and social media platforms are trying to integrate crypto and blockchain.

Accompanying the press release, there were some details about the Accelerator program, with the focus apparently on building novel and interesting projects rather than reprocessing what has already been done with regards to cryptocurrency capacity. The early stages of the program aim to help developers and startups create DApps using the TRON network. This is an interesting proposition for developers given the growing volume of transactions from TRON and the over 600,000 active TRX wallets.

“TRON Accelerator is an online competition worth 1,000,000 USD, in which up to 56 successful DApp projects are awarded in several categories. The first prize includes a reward of $ 200,000. The prices are product based. Teams can submit multiple products and potentially win multiple prizes. “

After taking over the peer-to-peer file sharing giant BitTorrent, TRON triggered tidal waves in the field of cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. The company has also committed to integrating the service on the TRON platform through the Project Atlas initiative. Torrenting could be one way the currency continues to stand out in the crowded space of cryptocurrency, but the currency offers strong network capacity through the Main Net platform. DApps, as they are currently presented in the high-profile currency Ethereum, are one of the most invigorating projects that have come out of the crypto realm in recent years.

Rather than relying on the TRX coin to be just another one-transaction cryptocurrency, Founder Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation continue to look for ways to pique the interest of developers and attract developers who are ready to get into the realm of the Cryptocurrency to develop novel technologies. Despite this week’s slump in cryptocurrency valuation that wiped its market cap by tens of billion euros, TRON is committed to investing in the long-term growth of its platform and the broader industry.

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