TRONWatch Market is able to be part of TRON Pockets

The long-awaited TRON Wallet from the TRON Foundation is geared towards reaching the app stores very soon. It’s just waiting for the store to review and approve it, which hopefully won’t take much time. You can get your hands on it right now on your App Store. Needless to say, Android users can find it on the Google Play Store and iOS users can find it on the Apple Store. Existing users will be able to update their wallets in the coming days according to the company’s announcement.

💥 TronWallet Announcement 💥

TRONWatch Market is ready to join TRON Wallet

TronWatch Market joins TronWallet

We are over the moon and excited to keep improving the TRON ecosystem with the great @TonWatch team
Details, new TWX tokenomics: https: //

Please RT + Like @ justinsuntron @Tronfoundation #TRON

– TronWallet (@TronWalletMe) August 1, 2019

The foundation made this announcement on its Twitter handle yesterday. According to Post, TRONWatch Market is joining the TRON Wallet. It’s an intuitive exchange based on decentralized technology. With this platform, the trader can trade from any TRON token to TRX according to the company. This trading takes place securely and decentrally. According to the Twitter announcement, it will be available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. You can gauge the excitement among users by the fact that the 0:10 second video was viewed by 10.5K viewers. Additionally, the Twitter post received two hundred and thirteen re-tweets and three hundred and ninety hearts.

In the announcement, the TRON Foundation also advised its users to back up the twelve-word seed safely. This step is vital because without backing up the word seed, the user will not be able to recover the wallet in case they lose access to their phone in situations like theft, accidental misplacement of the phone, or malfunction of the phone, device itself and so on.

Another piece of advice for the new users is to install a new TRON wallet. The announcement goes on to say: “TW2 updates your current TW1.3.x. “One should note that this is not a different application, but a replacement for the current Tron wallet.

What are the new features of the new TRONWallet?

It’s a hot question that needs to be answered right away. As per the company’s announcement, TRONWallet has the following features:

  • The new TRONWallet has a stunning new design. This time, special efforts have been made to improve the user experience. The company claims it will be easier than ever. It also comes with a VIP badge.
  • The brand new TRONWallet 2.0 can send many crypto tokens at once. The user has the option of sending multiple crypto tokens in just one operation.
  • In the new TRONWallet, the user doesn’t have to work too hard to get their hands on the slider. According to the company, this crypto wallet is equipped with a quick access slider.
  • TRONWallet 2.0 is supported with the watch mode. In addition, the user can now import multiple accounts in one operation.
  • We suspect TRON has left no stone unturned. This wallet also offers its users the option to enjoy LIVE in-app chat assistance.
  • In addition, users can also use TRON’s recommendation engine to share information that is supported by BETA.
  • The user can easily see the energy and bandwidth of the new TRONWallet 2.0.
  • This crypto wallet is not just another wallet from TRON. According to the company, all the necessary improvements have now been made to improve performance. This makes it the fastest TRON wallet of all time.
  • In the new TRONWallet 2.0 you will also see new and improved push notifications.
  • The TRONWallet 2.0 is delivered with a new dApp browser homepage. This is a very cool addition and update for the user to make it easy and quick to sign transactions.

All of these features have already generated a lot of excitement in the TRON community and users. We’re pretty sure that the brand new TRONWallet 2.0 will be greeted in a flash as soon as it hits the App Store.

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