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According to online reports, Ryan Babel of Galatasaray SK and the Dutch national soccer team poured Bitcoin to his teammates.

Babel has played for Ajax, Liverpool, Fulham and others. He has played in the Champions League, Euro 2012 and the World Cup and has built connections with some of the most famous and best-compensated soccer players in Europe. Babel has shared his willingness to collect bitcoin on Twitter, so it’s not hard to imagine the reports being accurate.

For example, if Babel and his teammates bought bitcoin in the past six months, they made some hefty profits. This is just as important to athletes as it is to anyone else, as they need a place where they can best keep their assets safe. Securing your wealth behind a wall of cyber hornets and a supply cap of $ 21 million ensures it doesn’t deteriorate, but actually increases in value. The only significant difference between Bitcoin plebs and professional athletes is that the latter tend to have tens to a hundred million dollars more than the former to buy Bitcoin with.

Athletes have also bought Bitcoin here in the U.S., with NFL player Russell Okung Strike using to secure a sizable portion of his $ 13 million deal on Bitcoin. Why? Because Bitcoin is the perfect tool to protect your wealth. The average career length of athletes is not too long, and while they make a lot of money, they need to protect it for the rest of their lives. Bitcoin is characterized by this.

Buying Bitcoin, especially at prices around $ 60,000, offers professional athletes enormous profit potential. To say how big the wins can be, Babel reportedly received a signing bonus of $ 2.37 million in 2019, and the price of Bitcoin rose 87 percent that year. Had he been able to assign this bonus to BTC, he would have made more than $ 2 million in profit.

Rich athletes find out that if they want to make lots of money, all they have to do is collect Bitcoin and sit on it.

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