Why Tron and Justin Solar are unstoppable

  • Tomorrow the new stable coin TUSDT starts in the Tron network.
  • More than 3 million daily Tron transactions – 3x increase in 3 months.
  • Marketing Genius and Founder Justin Sun are promoting his baby: Tron.
  • Rising ETH gas prices are a good use case for the cheap TRX transactions.
  • Crypto scanners on ProfitFarmers show an upward trend and predict an upward trend.

Tron (TRXUSDT) is up more than 140% in the past 30 days. Did you miss the winnings? Well it’s not too late.

Here are 5 reasons why TRX could be your next best investment!

Starting TUSDT tomorrow: a stablecoin in Tron’s network

Interestingly, a new stablecoin starts tomorrow at USD 1: 1. In TUSDT’s own words: “The first regulated stablecoin fully supported by the US dollar.

❗️Big news for everyone from $ TUSD and $ TRX communities❗️ @Tronfoundation @tusd_official $ TUSD will start in TWO DAYS # TRC20– # TUSD on #TRON #blockchain! 🥳 $ TUSD is the most transparent #stablecoin in the world, fully secured and independently certified in the chain! 😎 pic.twitter.com/umuLCoqM3Z

– TrueUSD (@tusd_official) April 7, 2021

This could have a positive impact on the price of TRX and is a good indicator that Trons is increasing the usability.

Daily Tron Transactions Increased 300% in 3 Months

Yes, you heard it right – more than 3 million Tron transactions are made every day recorded on Tronscan.

This is a massive number, and it proves again that Tron has great ease of use. Transactions on the network are super fast and beat competitors like BTC and ETH with speed and price.

Marketing genius and TRX founder Justin Sun is everywhere!

With more than 2.1 million Twitter followers @justinsuntron has a great reach and great impact on the crypto space.

Mr. Sun is a shark in marketing and has built several successful crypto projects. TRX is his baby and is also one of the most famous projects in the crypto world.

People and companies seem to either love or hate him, and you can often find memes that contain Justin. Here’s a good one from that ProfitFarmers crypto co-pilot softwarewho recently reported a 399% increase in their TRX signals:

You can get free access to the same signal pool that these TRX winnings come from. The readers of Crypto-News-Flash can enjoy the signals here for free.

Rising ETH gas prices are causing traders to look for alternatives such as TRX

If you’re using ERC20 (the ETH network) to send 100 USDT on Binance, you probably will Pay between $ 12 and $ 20. Who would want to pay such fees just to send some crypto?

On TRC20 (the Tron network) you will Pay a flat fee of $ 1. Sounds better?

Soon people will realize that Trx is a cheaper way to withdraw / deposit cryptos and this could result in an increase in the price of TRX.

Bull run is coming: Solid indication of an upward trend in AI market scanners

A good indication of a possible TRX price hike is to look at the Market scanner on ProfitFarmers:

As you can see on the TRXUSDT and TRXBTC price action bars, the Indicators are green in all time frames This indicates that the coin pair is in an upward trend.

The price action scanner has already shown promising predictions, and the company behind it predicted the TRX price surge. They released on April 5th 7 trading signals for TRX that averaged> 50% profit.

If they were right then, they are probably right again (we hope!).

look at that Scanner for TRXUSDT and TRXBTC itself. The scanner used to cost $ 300 a month, but you can Get absolutely FREE and unconditional access.


You decide for yourself whether you want to invest in TRX. Trade with caution and make sure you use technical analysis, indicators, and trading software to make better decisions.

If you’re still not sure, there is a little bonus reason to buy TRX (now top 5 most wanted coins on Coinmarketcap):

🔥 ROUND 2 🔥

Below are the top 10 most wanted crypto assets of the week on CoinMarketCap!

Is there one of your favorite projects there? You can find more interesting statistics here – https://t.co/Bd0wQ6bV9Q #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Altcoin #DeFi pic.twitter.com/ocFqXxhvWI

– CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap) April 5, 2021

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