Within the crypto market disaster, the EOS worth plummets by a 3rd in lower than two hours

The crypto market is in free fall and coins are consistently posting double-digit losses. Among the worst hit is EOS, a blockchain platform that is more scalable than Bitcoin.

Just two hours ago, EOS was priced at $ 3.32 per token. Now it’s $ 2.73 – a 17 percent loss. If we widen our window to the past 24 hours, it’s even worse: EOS is down nearly 29 percent since the start of the day.

The cryptocurrency platform is now down 67 percent from its high of $ 8.38 per coin on the first day of this year.

It is not known what caused this market downturn. It is possible that behind the sell-off there was a lackluster response to Bakkt’s launch – although it was greeted with great enthusiasm when it was announced. But it can be any number of factors.

Just yesterday, EOS founder Dan Larimer tweeted amazing solution to choose purchase“More information will follow. But it looks like buying votes on the EOS network will be the least of his worries today.

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