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XRP Prize – Ethereum Prize Smashing $ 2000, $ 3000 Incoming At Lightning Speed!

Ethereum Price (ETH) could reach $ 10,000 this cycle!

Ethereum price, known to maintain stable price movement, eventually broke the previous ATH to form a new one. It took more than a month to restore the lost position above $ 2000, but it was successfully resumed.


It took the price more time than expected to break the $ 2,000 mark, but $ 3,000 could be approaching at rocket speed. As the founder of Gokhstein Media, David Gokhstein, predicted, the next stop for the ETH price is around 3,900 US dollars.

With the continued uptrend and intensified rally, the price is expected to rise to the highest level. According to an analyst and crypto youtuber, Young and Investing, Ethereum price could reach $ 10,000 in the current bull run.

$ ETH is going to cost $ 10k this cycle and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

– Young and investing (@QuintenFrancois) April 2, 2021

With the bull run accelerated, many analysts believe that Ethereum could lead the market instead of Bitcoin. This offers the altcoins a great opportunity to boom within the ETH bull rally.

Is altcoin season on the cards?

Many altcoins usually appear with the rise in price of the second dominant crypto, Ethereum. Currently, the ETH price is hovering around its new all-time high around $ 2152 and is expected to soar high. Hence, many small cap altcoins are expected to rise from the ashes and pump more than 50 or even 100 times.

Many analysts believe that the 2021 altcoin season is on its way and is expected to be the biggest season ever. According to a well-known analyst, XRPcryptowolf, the season will peak in the summer.

April will have the biggest old season ever!

– XRPcryptowolf (@XRPcryptowolf) April 2, 2021

In addition, the coins believed to be dead or not working are also expected to rise. One of the analysts, MC, also gave a quick idea that all coins could be pumping on in the current AltSeason.

Overall, the Ethereum price breakout has led to the initialization of the most anticipated AltSeason of 2021. The ETH price rally is likely to intensify in the coming days and will soon cost US $ 10,000.

XRP Prize – Ethereum Prize Smashing $ 2000, $ 3000 Incoming At Lightning Speed!

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